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Welcome to pod hd300 front panel controls 10 6 8 9 11 fx1 fx2 fx3 reverb. We cannot guarantee the safety of the software downloaded from thirdparty sites. Its important to know this straight away, because the hd300 is essentially a scaleddown version of the more comprehensive models. Sep 20, 2011 apart from left and right 14 outputs, there are connections for line 6s fbv line of foot controllers, an xlr input, a usb 2. Featuring brand new hd amp modeling, line 6 pod hd devices also. Downloading and installing line 6 monkey for pod hd youtube. Ten times more amp info was used to create these emulations, particularly of tube amplifiers like those with singleended class a tube stages.

Read and download line 6 audio pod hd300 owners manual online. View and download line 6 pod hd300 advanced manual online. Select hd amps and effects from the largest collection of amps and effects in the line 6 family. Upbright 9v acdc adapter replacement for line 6 pod hd hd300 hd400 hd500 podhd pro hdpro multi effects guitar pedal processor m8h27us08r m8h27usn09a7 teac jet 9vdc 2. Behind the fullbodied tone of every hd amp model is a story thats just as rich. Be sure to visit software to download line 6 pod hd300 edit or pod hd400. Pod hd pro 121 pages music pedal line 6 pod hd500x quick start manual 18 pages.

We spend countless hours researching various file formats and software that can open, convert, create or otherwise work with those files. The line 6 pod hd300 is the most affordable model in line 6 s pod hd range, and it has less features than the hd400 and hd500. I have other for sale and am happy to combine postage if you bid and win on more than one of my items. User manuals, guides and specifications for your line 6 pod hd300 music equipment, music mixer, processor. Near the end of the video, ive used the line 6 bottom amp in pod farm just because i think is. The unit also includes a new protocol called l6 link, which allows compatible products to share information. The only drawback i notice is a slight hesitation when changing patches, could be a problem in a live situation. Line 6 pioneered amp modelling, but they rewrote their own rule book when they started on the hd series. Enhanced routing with flexible dsp digital signal processing pod farm elements. This video shows how to install drivers for your pod hd device onto your computer system.

Use a modern workflow to easily edit your tone on a smartphone or tablet via the firehawk remote app, and have just the right connections to play any venue. Page 62 record send audio to computer usb audio routing provided by the line 6 usb audio driver the pod hd record send as shown above. The marketing hot air shouldnt sway you, but that doesnt mean line 6 hasnt continued on in their tradition of exceptional multieffects units. Make sure to also check out our exclusive video demo of line 6. You get crushing highgain metal amps, vintage amps dripping with character, and booming bass amps for total recording flexibility in the studio. Recognizable amplifiers modeled for previous pod products have been remodeled for pod hd using the new hd amp modeling technology. I know i didnt do the pod hd300 pedalboard justice, but hopefully this video is useful. Expand your pod hd amp collection with the line 6 metal amps model packa heavyhitting collection that brings together some of the most crushing highgain amps weve ever created.

Our vetta ii amplifier includes a digital connection for the variax that lets you store settings for both your amp and your guitar in the vetta ii so that when you call up a vetta channel memory your amp and guitar can change sounds together. Pod hd500 is a usb port which enables connection to a computer, both for recording and playback purposes, as well as for managing the pod by using the pod hd edit software, which is downloadable. The analog echo model in the pod hd multieffects pedals takes the concept of the boss dm2 a step further in that line 6 gives you some added parameters to play with. Unfortunately this patches cannot be opened with pod x3, they are not compatible. Line 6 pod hd300 guitar multi effects processor bajaao. And thanks to hd technology, pod hd500x provides the depth, character an. Model packs are software addons that dramatically expand the collection of amp and effects models in compatible line 6 hardware devices, or on computers authorized to run pod farm 2. Pod hd300400 video tutorial pod hd300 indepth contact us.

Thats what i did first thing when looking at this line and it sold me on the 500. Database contains 3 line 6 pod hd300 manuals available for free online viewing or downloading in pdf. Dsp chips have evolved considerably since the original line 6 pod was launched, and the extra power available for the new pod hd500 has provided the opportunity for the designers at line 6 to refresh their range line 6 say theres up to 10 times more computing power in the top of the range new. This lack of user interface makes it a bit harder to use than the hd500. Line 6 pod hd300 pilots handbook manual pdf download.

Is this better than the 300 no, tone is the same, just a few more effects, but i like to have the bank selector separate front the other. Drivermax media line 6 line 6 pod hd300 drivers download. Music pedal line 6 pod hd300 pilots handbook manual 9 pages. The 300 solved that adequately and of course the bean has made it. Choose from over 200 amps and effects including 50 hd models. I definitely think the hd 500 is worth the extra cash, even for a hobbyist such as myself. To download the product, proceed to the developers site via the link below. In this pod hd300 demonstration i run through how the autofx work with presets and also show how to use the looper. Unfortunately, there is no direct download for the mac version of pod hd300 edit. Limited time offer buy the hd500x or hd pro x and get the hd fully loaded bundle free. Keep your line 6 gear uptodate with the latest updates. Hey, is there a way to get the line 6 model packs for free. Line 6 pod hd500x multieffects processor pedal reverb.

They contain up to 10 times more amplifier dna than our previous modeling for a playing experience that can only be described as hd. I thought both sounded good but i was able to get a slightly better tone from the 500 and i never quite figured out why. Choose from over 200 amps and effects including 50 hd. Line 6 pod hd300 pod hd400 patches collection line 5 pod hd300 hd 400 patches collection. The line 6 pod hd300 is the most affordable model in line 6s pod hd range, and it has less features than the hd400 and hd500.

Adding additional processing power to the best selling pod hd500 multieffects floorboard, the line 6 pod hd500x provides an even more indepth hd sound with enhanced nuances that really push the sound character to a whole new level. Just like the title says, im thinking about getting one of these two and would appreciate anybodys opinions and experiences. The extreme amount of variety in the line 6 repertoire makes them the perfect onestop shop that can get you from zero gear to a complete stage setup all in the same place. View and download line 6 pod hd300 pilots handbook manual online. I cant access mediafire and would love to be able to use this. The 500 is too large to fit in a roll on bag, so traveling with it was problematic. Music pedal line 6 pod hd300 advanced manual 79 pages. With the 300 and 400 you pretty much need to connect it to your computer and use the patch editor to make any decent patches.

Pod hd400 represents a giant leap forward for amp modeling. Line 6 clearly went the extra mile to make this pod quickly adaptable to modern studio needs. Choose the setting that best matches your intended use. Media line 6 line 6 pod hd300 drivers download update your computers drivers using drivermax, the free driver update tool.

Basic operations are covered here in this user manual, so lets get started. It comes with all of line 6 s hd amp models which there are now 22 of. The two key questions that accompany a new pod release are. The actual developer of this free mac application is line 6, inc. With so many different angles from which to approach line 6, its hard to know where to start so heres a suggestion. Download free line 6 user manuals, owners manuals, instructions, warranties and installation guides, etc. The main sellingpoint of the pod hd400 and the entire series is the hd modelling technology line 6 has used to capture the sounds of iconic amplifiers. If youre into metal tones, this is the model pack youve been waiting for. There are extra controls on the looper, and extra record time. Line 6 pod hd300 manuals and user guides, music equipment. Bajaao india introduces the line 6 pod hd300 which represents a giant leap forward for amp modeling.

This baby really is incredible, with an impressive amount of functionality and a ton of features. Demonstration on how to download and install my custom patches for the all pod hd series. Aug 19, 20 get the line6 pod hd 500x from amazon 0. Variax is the uniquely flexibile guitar from line 6. Installing pod hd drivers with line 6 monkey youtube.

Line 6 pod hd400 floorboard guitar world queensland. I have an hd500 but my thinking regarding the 300 vs 400 debate is that the price difference between the 400 and the 500 makes getting the 400 kind of pointless to me so i would go with the 300 purely on bang for the buck. With over 80 effects and 16 hyperrealistic amp models, the line 6 pod hd300 took 15 years of experience with amp modeling and 3 years of new research to create. Line 6 hd amp models feel, behave and sound like no others. Before you even consider the features, usability and sound you get out of the unit. The line 6 pod hd300 amp modeler and multi effect represents a giant leap forward for amp modeling. The line 6 pod hd400 represents a giant leap forward for amp modeling. Music pedal line 6 pod hd pro pilots handbook manual 18 pages. Sure, you still have control over the feedback, mix and delay time but now you can also tweak bass and treble controls, dial in the delay time up to 2000ms and even choose. Single rubber foot for the line 6 pod xt and pod 2. Setup details 12 output mode live options use the output mode switch on the back of your pod hd device to configure the type of signal fed to your outputs for live mode see output mode options on page 25. To download the application, proceed to the developers site via the link below. Ive searched a few torrent sites and cant seem to find any line 6 software at all. Music pedal line 6 pod hd pro advanced manual 121 pages.

Easy to use and program, especiallyif you program via line 6 hd edit software. Line 6 pod hd500x guitar multieffects processor guitar center. If you dont have line 6 monkey installed be sure to download that to keep your pod hd300 updated with the latest firmware. Music pedal line 6 pod hd500 pilots handbook manual 11 pages. Seems like line 6 is pushing quality here, touting the deadon accuracy of the newish high definition models that contain up to 10 times more amplifier dna. Line 5 pod hd300 hd 400 patches collection patches for line 6 hd300 hd400 over 2200 patches tones. This tutorial demonstrates how to download and install line 6 monkey, line 6s intelligent updater software and utility tool. At first, i purchased the line 6 pod hd 300 because i didnt see the value of the hd 500. Line 6 pod hd for sale in uk 77 used line 6 pod hds. Ten times more amp info was used to create these emulations, particularly of tube amplifiers like those with singleended class a. Guitar effect patches for the line 6 hd500 this is a file library, you will need additional software to use the patches. For those who want it all, the line 6 fully loaded bundle contains every pod hd model pack availableall in one amazing collection. Getting a good sound out of this unit is pretty hard work imo, the factory presets arent the best. The shuriken variax sr250 guitar is the result of collaboration between shuriken guitars, line 6, and yamaha guitar development.

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