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Writing adolescent fictioncharacter namesafrican american. Sep 14, 2014 annihilation is the first book of the southern reach trilogy, and an unexpected foray into science fiction by weird fiction author vandermeer. Jones samuel delaney tananarive due valjenne jeffers. If you are searching for a distinctive and cool name for your child, you should consider taking inspiration from scifi character names. Buffy is a very iconic character in comic books and pop culture in general. Its also the name of the main character in the hollow book trilogy. The drawings for black sciences are beautiful, dark and very creepy. This is an alphabetically ordered list of fictional. Here are the 1960s science fiction novels everyone should read. Dvd beaver public domain whether 20 years or 200 years from now, the scifi genre is all about new. I need to know that there is an audience out there for mystery, suspense and science fiction written about black characters by black authors, so i dont feel like im writing in vain. Black women in speculative fiction exploring the work of.

Response must be less that 100,000 characters thank you for your feedback. The state of black science fiction s primary mission is the economic development and support of black speculative fiction. So most names in this generator will be familiar, but different. The other day i was listening to the podcast the auteur cast. Lgbtqiap protagonists in fantasy and science fiction the. With over 220,000 names in our database, you can also specify language, nationality and other factors to give your character the perfect name. Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban orion sonya. Tabitha twitchit the mother of three kittens, miss moppet, mittens and tom kitten, in the tale of tom kitten by beatrix potter. In this generator i mainly focused on how names have changed throughout our time, and tried to apply similar changes to the names we use today. Top black characters in science fiction the original zombie slayer, ben hanser image. Feb 26, 2014 fantasy vs science fiction ive noticed that there seems to be more acceptance of other races in science fiction novels. The character was not a slangtalking, gangstariding jokester with a background in the hood. Writing adolescent fictioncharacter namesboys wikibooks.

Sandworms play a major role in the science fiction novel dune and in its film and tv adaptations dune universe. Science fiction writers love to choose obscure, rare names for their characters, sometimes going so far as to invent names themselves. Rand took a break from research for the fountainhead and wrote the novella anthem, whose working title was ego. This month and every month, black scifi writers look to the future.

Americanah by chimamanda ngozi adichie, the bluest eye by toni morrison, the color purple by alice walker, kindred by oct. What science fiction character was cooler than marty mcfly in. Black science fiction or black speculative fiction is an umbrella term that covers a variety of activities within the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres where people of the african diaspora take part or are depicted. Science fiction is a genre of speculative fiction dealing with imaginative concepts such as futuristic settings, futuristic science and technology, space travel, time travel, faster than light travel, parallel universes and extraterrestrial life. Some years ago, i existed as a slightly chubby and extremely black fan of fantasy, comic books, role playing games, and anime. Before adding a name, please check all three tiers to make sure. We continue our campaign of highlighting, celebrating, and developing science fiction, speculative fiction, sword and soul, fantasy, horror, movies, and games, in a print magazine as well as an emag. I dont like movies when they dont have no niggers in em.

The character uhura, played by actress nichelle nichols in the first star trek series in 1966, was one of the first characters of african descent of either gender to be featured on television. Kicking ass and taking names, mace broke the mold by. It highlights how to access digital comics as well as where to buy independently. Finding a book when youve forgotten its title the new york. Gatsby named after jay gatsby, the lead character of f. However, many of these brilliant writers go unnoticed even by black and brown peoples often because theyre unaware that we exist. Writers resources character name listsfind names for your characters. Maybe youd like to find a scifi themed name for your yetunnamed geekling, dog or gerbil. Aug 28, 2012 brian, have you run across anything like this for speculative fiction.

The 20 greatest scifi movie characters ever, ranked screenrant. This book details what it was actually like as one of the first black. Join britannicas publishing partner program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work. Recommended black science fiction and fantasy authors this is a list of black science fiction and fantasy authors that i decided to write in the wake of the controversial posts made in the last couple of days here and here about fireside fiction s study on the lack of black authors published in sff short fiction magazines. Ok, i really loved the book this is from so this isnt meant as a critique at all. In recent decades,there has been a small influx of these authors into science fiction fantasy genres. Morte, by robert repino morte is easily one of the best characters, human or feline, in recent sff.

Black characters in fantasy and science fiction so, i. Have to wait until november for the next sequel in this very agreeable science fiction space romp series. This is a list of science fiction novels, novel series, and collections of linked short stories. Heres our ultimate guide to evil cats, so you can recognize them before they strike. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article requires login. Nov 22, 2017 finding a book when youve forgotten its title by gwen glazer, communications november 22, 2017. This list is intended to celebrate our work, although many of the fabulous novels here also appear on other lists. Lowly worm is a fictional character that makes frequent appearances in richard scarrys childrens books.

Fans of science fiction are drawn to the genre for a variety of reasons. Please provide plot details no spoilers and the genre of the book youre looking for in the topic header not something vague like help. This is an update of a previous post by sharon rickson. While the toughasnails black sergeant is a running stereotype in hollywood, al matthews was great in aliens. If you are searching for a distinctive and cool name for your child, you should consider taking inspiration from. Im not sure if this counts because its non fiction. In the first tier are the top 200 names among boys of high school age in the past few decades.

Selfdescribed as a black comic book portal, africomics is a nexus of resources for the black comic book lover. Especially when you want very different names to help express how alien and foreign the settings are without making the names unpronounceable and memorable. For new readers you simply must start from book 1 columbus day. Of course these lists are flexible names can often be used either way looking for more help with character development. Fiction finder is a worksbased based application that provides access to millions of works of fiction described in worldcat records for books, ebooks, audio books, movies and television. My book 5,000 writing prompts has 100 more science fiction writing prompts in addition to the ones on this list, plus hundreds of other master plots by genre, dialogue and character prompts, and much more. Some of its defining characteristics include a critique of the social structures leading to black oppression paired with.

Browse thousands of bestsellers, new releases, and classic novels from a wide range of genres, including literary fiction, mystery, thrillers, historical fiction, and romance. But in sorcerous rivalry there is a character named tekilashan which seems fine at first glance, but my alcoholriddled college student brain read that shit as tequila shot the entire time and it still makes me giggle to this day. Just wish he would have cracked a few more alien heads before being taken out in that tunnel. It includes modern novels, as well as novels written before the term science fiction was in common use.

A list of some black fantasy and science fiction authors. The characters try to survive in societies governed by rightwing theocracies where alien viruses mutate men into monsters and almost all of humankind has been wiped out by nuclear war. Our name generator allows you to create a name with up to five components, so a name can be short and sweet or doublebarrelled and swanky. Cvs top 100 science fiction and fantasy characters list. Though black womens literature spans every genre imaginable, the visibility of black women in speculative fiction is often low. The 100 best scifi books to take you to infinity and beyond. If shown, the year indicates when the book was first published. Six essential fantasy and science fiction books written by black authors troy l.

I was, and still am, hooked on the exploits of the expeditionary force books and the black ops book 4 in the series was no exception. The 25 best cats in science fiction and fantasy books. Recommended black science fiction and fantasy authors. This list of fictional cats in literature is subsidiary to the list of fictional cats. The best military science fiction is built on great stories of soldiers, marines, sailors, and those that lead them. Of course, octavia butler tops any list of black science fiction and speculative fiction writers. It makes me wonder what the difference is between the genres that leads to less black characters in fantasy than in science fiction. Jul 07, 2010 so here we tip our hats to writers and filmmakers who dare give female characters some range and guts in the world of science fiction 10.

The ultimate guide to evil cats in science fiction and fantasy. Coming up with a great name for your characters is one of the hardest tasks youll ever complete as a fiction writer. If you were to look at some of the best scifi books through literary history, youd see such a range of titles and authors that youd barely believe that they could be shelved in the same part of the bookstore. Science fiction sometimes called scifi or just sf is a genre of speculative fiction that typically deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as advanced science and technology, space exploration, time travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life. Do you want your little nerdlet to stand out from the rest. Lgbtqiap protagonists in fantasy and science fiction this list is a constant work in progress that is mostly composed of books ive personally read or books that are on my list of books to read.

This could be for honor, for money, for glory, or just to save their own skin. As you can see there are all sizes and shapes when it comes to title name generators. Anthem takes place at some unspecified future date when mankind. It is a collective of authors, artists, comic book creators and filmmakers.

Black andor african american characters diversity in ya. Jul 16, 2018 novels, tv shows, movies and comic books are great sources for baby names. It can be tough to remember the title and author of a book you read a long time ago. A guide to fantasy and science fiction made for black. This list includes novels not marketed as sf but still considered to be substantially science fiction in content by some critics, such as. This list of general boys names is divided into three lots. I am black scifi is a media organization founded in 1999 and focuses on celebrating the fandom and many contributions of black people to scifi, other speculative fiction, and s. An anthology of science fiction from germany and austria early classics of science fiction. The state of black science fiction public group facebook. This list includes novels not marketed as sf but still considered to be substantially science fiction in content by some critics, such as nineteen eighty four. The weight of that responsibility can often paralyze writers.

Therefore this list tends to reflect my personal reading preferences more fantasy than scifi, more female protagonists than male. Scifi baby names come from the most popular science fiction movies, books and television shows. This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional books. Home andrea hairston black women writing literature nalo hopkinson nisi shawl nk jemisin nnedi okorafor octavia butler tananarive due 7 black women science fiction writers everyone should know. Characters that appear in such fiction are science fiction characters. Alan jones alicia mccalla balogun ojetade charles chestnutt charles saunder george s. Jemisin nalo hopkinson nnedi okorafor octavia butler ronald t. In 1976, on the album bicentennial nigger, richard pryor observed. High profile black female characters that have appeared before us on screen sometimes saving the world and putting the universe to rights include uhura star trek, storm xmen, zoe washburne firefly, anastasia dualla battlestar galactica and most. If you dont find it there, post a description on our unsolved message board and we can try to help each other out. In love with the dog next door, genetically modified by a race of invading super ants, and transformed into a lethal warrior, he chooses his unusual name because of its uncertainty. All you have to do is scour the page of 300 unique, original fantasy names and keep this list a reference while you write that fandomworthy novel of yours. Fantasy vs science fiction ive noticed that there seems to be more acceptance of other races in science fiction novels. Diary of a worm 2003, written by doreen cronin and illustrated by harry bliss, is a journalistic account of a worms daily life.

In discussing the empire strikes back, one of the hosts used the character of lando calrissian to question why there are so few black people in sciencefiction. Science fiction has long been a goldmine for unusual, unique, and creative names. Sort using filters such as language, gender, and fantasy and even discover the meaning behind your favorites. Fear of a black galaxy black people in sciencefiction.

In the second tier are other names you might run into more than once in your lifetime. Once again, we have the great privilege of being the conduit for unapologetic diverse expression. Ask people to name black authors of science fiction and fantasy and only a few names will be repeated, if any names are known at all. Check out selected results from nypl title quest 2019, held august 2, 2019, as well as title quest 2018. A guide to fantasy and science fiction made for black people. You can search by person, place, topic, genre, character, dewey and more. These include novels, short stories, graphic novels and comic books. Over the decades, black women have been featured as characters in speculative fiction series and media. Six essential fantasy and science fiction books written by. Wiggins may 8, 20 i think that ive told my awakening story before.

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