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Thus, the authors provide a new qualitative framework for collecting and analyzing focus group data. Basically, focus groups are interviews, but of 610 people at the same time in the same group. According to 18, focus group discussion is a qualitative method of collecting systematic data and information and facilitated by a professional on a specific problem that is very specific. The logistics are often the most timeconsuming element of preparing to conduct a focus group. Epi result has recently developed a guide which provides the user with an overview of the steps required to conduct. Focus groups will increase the value you can obtain for your client by better preparing you for trial. Aside from the few occasions when only a short summary of focus group discussions is required, all analytic techniques for focus group data require transcription of the interview as a first step. Focus group discussion consists of four major steps as shown in figure 1. A focus group discussion is a qualitative data collection method that engages 6 to 12 peoplewith shared characteristics pertinent to the specific discussion topicand is led by a trained facilitator.

During a focus group, discussion information is shared with a group of six to 10 participants to solicit their feedback through focused questions. Conducting focus groups is easyish as long as you have a good moderator and observers. Epi result has recently developed a guide which provides the user with an overview of the steps required to conduct a fgd. And, of course, this is the point of the real payoff for your planning efforts. Despite the abundance of published material on conducting focus groups, scant specific information exists on how to analyze focus group data in social science research. Ten top tips for great focus groups theres no doubt that great focus groups require meticulous planning. Then, explain the topic thats up for discussion and ask an openended question to begin the conversation. Task time before actual group develop the study purpose 68 weeks identify the participants 68 weeks develop participant contact list 68 weeks select the facilitator 45 weeks. How to conduct a focus group the grantsmanship center.

Conducting a focus group is simply a matter of asking the questions and recording the responses to those questions. It can impact focus group discussion if the facilitator is anxious because materials are missing. My top ten tips below cant guarantee great groups on their own, but they will go a long way to address common pitfalls such as. They are relatively expensive to conduct because of the number of participants involved and will generally be used to deal with major usability or user experience issues for large groups of users. Focus group discussions are an effective way to gather input on a selected topic, feedback on the launch of a new program and possible impacts on stakeholders. One can get a great deal of information during a focus group session. An effective tool for involving people in measuring quality and impact judith a. You may have to lead a discussion as part of a school assignment or you may be responsible for leading a. Similar to a survey, a focus groups used to help you learn what your members or customers think about your products, services, processes or brand and to guide your future product. There will likely be times in your life when you will be working in a group, possibly many times. The shared characteristics may relate to a particular problem, livelihoods occupation, age, social group, place of residence, experience of. Breen faculty of education, university of technology, sydney, australia abstract this article guides readers through the decisions and considerations involved in conducting focusgroup research investigations into students learning experiences.

A focus group of parents of preschoolers meets to discuss child care needs. How to conduct focus groups interaction design foundation. All of these materials ought to be gathered, labeled, and saved for later analysis. Recruitment screeners are discussed more thoroughly in step 3. Focus groups, however, allow you to get more complicated, nuanced, and diverse responses than surveys, which. The moderator can bring any changes in order to better facilitate the discussion during the group discussion. A focus group discussion fgd is a qualitative research method and data collection technique in which a selected group of people discusses a given topic or issue indepth, facilitated by a professional, external moderator. A focus group is a smallgroup discussion guided by a trained leader.

A practical guide to focusgroup research rosanna l. Web conferencing is an additional technology that can be used for focus groups. These include 1 research design, 2 data collection, 3 analysis and 4 reporting of results morgan et al. The advantages of focus group discussion are as follows. The focus groups are the groups of intellectuals, professionals who come together to form an opinion for the new product in the company. We therefore encourage you to brush up on your skills for organizing and conducting focus group discussions if necessary. When conducting focus groups by phone or web conference, the facilitator has to work to ensure that everyone participates in the discussion. Then, explain the topic thats up for discussion and ask an. In a brief time the moderator must create a thoughtful, permissive atmosphere, provide ground rules, and set the tone of the discussion. Depending on the research objective, the focus group can.

May 17, 2015 2 purpose guide this guide is designed to provide you with an overview of the steps required to conduct a focus group discussion fgd including the resources required, and instructions about what you do with the information when you have completed the fgds. A focus group is a focused discussion group that follows a structured questioning. Definition and objectives of focus groups a focus group discussion fgd is an informal, guided discussion about a particular research or program topic. Responses given in a focus group are verbal, openended, relatively broad and qualitative. Not only are they cost effective, but they engage employees in a manner that computerbased employee opinion surveys.

Aug 25, 2016 a focus group is a small group discussion guided by a leader or moderator. Best practices in research evaluation what is a focus group. Step by step guidance is provided on how to conduct the focus group interview to help ensure highquality results. Focus groups are a powerful means to evaluate services or test new ideas. How to conduct a focus group by judith sharken simon while focus groups are often seen as a technique reserved for corporations involved in expensive, competitive advertising, they can also be extremely useful for nonprofit organizations wishing to connect with their communities. Just as important for the budgetwise nonprofit, focus groups. Planning the focus group study p lanning is a task that helps the researcher, the research team, and the client or sponsor of the study. I will email whatever information i have to help you prepare for the focus group.

It is used to learn about opinions on a designated topic, and to guide future action. Next, establish some ground rules, like treating everyone with respect, no interrupting, and being succinct. Free and open discussion among the respondents results in generation of new ideas that can be very useful for decisionmaking. Thus we consider the issues surrounding the transcription process and then turn our attention to some of the. See annexes 1 and 2 for a list of resources on these topics. The number of groups or interviews youll conduct if youre using focus groups, conduct at least two groups with each audience segment. However, the design of the guide needs to be meticulously thought out with your team. Focus group interviewing richard krueger 4 beginning the focus group discussion the first few moments in focus group discussion are critical. A focus group is a small group discussion guided by a leader or moderator. Simple steps to conduct your own focus groups part 2. A focus group discussion fgd is a qualitative research technique consisting of a structured discussion and used to obtain indepth information from a group of people about a particular topic. Steps for conducting focus groups or individual indepth. Conducting focus groups to develop a comprehensive school.

This method serves to solicit participants attitudes and perceptions, knowledge and experiences, and. Topics covered in this publication include focus group basics, preparing for the focus group, developing effective questions, planning the focus group session and analyzing the data. Jan 11, 2018 focus group discussion can be utilised within a suite of techniques in a multi. Toolkit for conducting focus groups this manual has been provided to assist you in conducting focus groups. Toolkit for conducting focus groups, provided by omni, is a great resource intended to assist in conducting focus groups and enhance ones facilitation skills. Youve planned well, and its time to conduct the groups. Interview focus group complex subject matter and knowledgeable respondents, promote discussion between participants on a specific topic when interviewing one person at a time will yield the best info ex.

Study purpose methodology conceptualization logistics facilitation preparation presession session analysis reporting using this fivestage process as a guide will contribute to the completion of an. As a quality check, always take a step back to ensure that the questions that are asked will inform on the study purpose. How to conduct a successful focus group discussion atlan. If you anticipate some participants not showing up, invite 1020% extra participants. Focus groups are a inexpensive way to identify peoples preferences, motivations, thoughts, feelings and attitude towards a product or service. Below is a suggested schedule for planning a focus group. It typically consists of a facilitator who runs the group, sometimes a cofacilitator or note taker, and 6 to 10 participants.

A great deal of the skepticism about the value of focus groups probably arises from the. Conducting focus group interviews better evaluation. Plan your study with the input of your strategy team, stakeholders, and research experts so that collaboratively you determine. Focus groups are an effective means to obtain employee feedback on working conditions, workplace issues, wages, benefits or organizational changes in the works. Analyzing focus group data the analysis and interpretation of focus group data require a great deal of judgment and care, just as any other scientific approach, and regardless of whether the analysis relies on quantitative or qualitative procedures.

However, there are some tips for facilitating highquality focus groups. The moderator should begin by explaining the purpose of the group and what is expected of the group. Specify the objectives and information needs of the focus group discussion. Sometimes it takes listening to the opinions of others in a small and safe group setting before they form thoughts and opinions. A focus group facilitator should be able to deal tactfully with outspoken group members, keep the discussion on track, and make sure every participant is heard. The first step in conducting a focus group interview is to determine the purpose of the. Parents share their views on local child care programs, and on what could be done to improve them. Regularly these products are used to focus the discussion. Conducting focus group interviews this guide examines focus groups and how they can be useful to extract information. The focus group is the collaboration of people who come together to make an opinion, put forth their belief and perspective for the product or service initiate, in the company. There are three steps to creating a report on your focus group. The goal of todays meeting is to understand if the internal communications and news you currently receive is effective, relevant and valuable to. Morgan 1998b suggests that, for small focus group studies, planning requires 2.

Conducting the focus group ideally, the focus group is conducted by a team consisting of a moderator and assistant moderator. Be sure to make the location and time of the fgd are clear to all participants. Focus group a, august 2001 1 focus group on health care experiences moderators guidelines. Within each focus group there should be no more than 8 people.

This publication, introduction to conducting focus groups, is the fifth in a series of guides developed to bring information to this audience about the use of social science tools in their field of work. Follow the below steps when planning how to conduct a focus group. How to conduct a focus group discussion your business. The following steps are suggested for developing the focus group discussion guide. The moderator asks broad questions to elicit responses and generate discussion among. Tips on how to conduct a focus group bright hub pm. Typically, the recruitment screeners exclude people who have participated in qualitative research in the past six months. This methodology brief outlines a fivestage process for conducting focus groups and. Identify the groups and participants that will take part. Focus group discussion is frequently used as a qualitative approach to gain an indepth understanding of social issues. More than likely, youre going to have a very successful focus group experience. A qualitative framework for collecting and analyzing data. Jul 08, 2015 if you choose to conduct your own focus group, please do not hesitate to give me a call to discuss. A focus group is a small group discussion guided by a trained leader.

A focus group discussion or fgd is a qualitative research method in the social sciences, with a particular emphasis and application in the developmental program evaluation sphere. Develop a clear and concise purpose statement of what needs to be known and why. Focus groups overview the focus group is an exploratory research method used to help researchers gather indepth, qualitative information of their participants attitudes and perceptions relating to concepts, products, services, or programs. Remember, you should start following these steps way before the dday.

There are several other reasons to conduct a focus group. The discussion guide is essentially your script for the focus group, though it certainly shouldnt be read like a script. Depending on the research objective, the focus group can be used alone or in conjunction with other methods. Before conducting a focus group, the following steps should be completed. A survey is typically a quicker and more precise way to conduct qualitative research than a focus group. Guidelines for conducting a focus group the university of. First, they identify types of data that can be collected during focus groups. Example to understand how extension and plant protection officials make decisions in response of pest outbreaks. The focus group fg has been actually employed by marketing, and is becoming importanct also in other areas. Focus group interviewing richard krueger 3 first steps with focus group studies 1.

The question section is where you ask the questions that you designed and tested in step 4 3. Dec 04, 20 this guide is designed to provide you with an overview of the steps required to conduct a focus group discussion fgd including the resources required, and instructions about what you do with the information when you have completed the fgds. Similar to a survey, a focus groups used to help you learn what your members or customers think. Steps for conducting focus groups or individual indepth interviews 1. Focus group discussion relies on facilitators or moderators to guide the groups discussion berg, 1989. Write down the problem statement whether it is a product development or. Focus groups typically last about 60 to 90 minutes. The focus group planning guide implementation ready, aim, fire. In a typical focus group, approximately 6 to 10 people spend 60 to 90 minutes voicing their opinions about your website or application. See the focus group reporting form provided on the last page. The focus group planning guide marketlink research. It ensures that everyone on the team is aware of the purpose of the study, that the expected outcomes of the study are identified and that the study design matches the available resources. A group of six to twelve key people, some experts advise not to go beyond eight members, comprising clients and non clients sit together to discuss important issues and come up with the right solutions.

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